Receive technical certainty

for your Off-grid Solar Power System

The latest developments in off-grid solar technologies provide vast opportunities for you to have your own bullet-proof independent energy system, though it is important to do it the right way from the start.

Solar Solution makes this possible by providing you with the exact technical data on how to configure your installation the best way, customized to your project needs. Get in touch with the Energy Engineer, equipped with advanced degrees in renewable energy and years of hands-on experience with off-grid solar power projects.

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    What you can expect:

    Ir. Ing. Jesse Gorter

    – Renewable Energy Engineer –

    – Mechanical Engineer –

    Advanced university degrees, extensive hands-on experience in the field, sociable and technical; this is Jesse in a nutshell. He is there for you to sit down together and figure out how to make your system run perfectly. Expect a calm, straightforward and technical person, who makes sure that you get the best possible energy solution for your situation.


    Renewable Energy
    Energy Technology
    Mechanical Engineering


    15 Years


    COO, MD, Energy Officer


    Off-grid, Battery based
    Solar, diesel hybrid
    Integrated system design

     Project Experience

    0.1-35 kWatt
    >200 systems installed
    >1200 systems designed

    Choose the support you need:

    Instant Consult

    Direct support through a video call

    Instant Consult
    The answers to your questions and the advice you are looking for on the topic of your choice.


    → Video Call

    → Appointment within 24 hours

    → All topics included


    $ 85.-

    Procurement Support

    Specific advice on which products to buy

    Procurement Support:

    Receive the advise on which equipment should be purchased for your solar energy project.

    → Brand recommendation

    → Model selection

    → Quote comparison


    $ 145

    Consultation Service

    A complete personal support process

    Consultation Service:

    Answers to your design and operation questions through direct contact with the engineer.

    → Direct contact

    → Consultancy report

    → Design recommendations


    $ 265


    Testimonial photo Mike V.

    He handled in depth questions with honesty, humor, and an undeniable subject matter expertise. I highly recommend him.

    Mike V.
    Testimonial photo Jeff B.

    It was a pleasure listening to you, it is obvious you are very knowledgeable in your field of expertise.

    Jeff B.
    Testimonial photo Sandy G.

    He was very patient and thorough with all of the questions, he is clearly an expert on this topic.

    Sandy G.
    Testimonial photo Dave S.

    He has a wealth of knowledge and is great at simplifying the complex and sharing his input in an easy-to-understand way.

    Dave S.
    Testimonial photo Mark P.

    I benefited mostly from Q and A portion because of the research and installation I had already done.

    Mark P.
    Testimonial photo Patrick M.

    I was able to confirm what I thought I knew about solar systems and extended my knowledge and confidence for setting up a system.

    Patrick M.

    About Solar Solution

    Founded in 2017 in The Netherlands, Solar Solution provides independent advice to individuals, companies and organizations. The geographical locations from clients include North America, Europe, Australia, Central and South America, The Caribbean, Sub Saharan Africa and South East Asia.

    All clients have in common that they are in need of a trustworthy source of expertise in off-grid energy systems. The company is founded by the Dutch/Canadian engineer Jesse Gorter, who provides support through video calls, emails, digital files and site inspections.

    a happy young couple jumping in front of their off grid solar energy system

    About Jesse

    His first self-inflicted electrocution was at the age of 11, when he learned that you should only dissect broken down machinery when it is unplugged. Many more mistakes followed, though none prove to be lethal.

    Present day, equipped with an advanced university degree in renewable energy and extensive hands-on experience with medium and large scale off-grid solar and hybrid system, Jesse has become a reliable and independent source of expertise.







    Jesse Gorter


    The Netherlands

    Renewable Energy

    Mechanical Engineering

    Energy Technology

    Off-Grid Solar

    15 Years

    Jesse Gorter
    The Netherlands
    Renwable Energy Engineering
    Mechanical Engineering
    Energy Technology
    15 Years