System Design

  • Technical Drawings

  • 100% Customized

  • Complete Design

$ 650.-

General Description

With the system design package, we look at your individual situation and specific system performance requirements. Your system is fully customized to address the needs of your setup. The deliverables of the package include the technical drawings, the system description, the Bill Of Quantity and the customized design report.
Once completed, the design package can be used to request quotations for for procurement of materials or installation services.


  • Kick-off meeting through a video/voice call

  • Direct communication with the engineer during the design process

  • 100% Customized design to suit your personal and situational requirements

  • Complete technical design package, including electrical drawings, Bill Of Quantity, customized system design report and system description

  • System size range 100 Wp – 12 kWp

  • Payment 50% prior to delivery of design package, balance upon delivery